Let's explain why Li is not cheating...

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Let's explain why Li is not cheating...

Post  FreddyHashbox on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:52 pm

Today Ray and me had a little discussion with Ops! g18 (ß= Li) and we said he was cheating... but maybe we were wrong? maybe he is really just very skilled...
At some point i started telling him that he is no good player. I said he is only glitching thats all. But Li kept telling that he was just good -> read it yourself

(tmp server log)
21/07/2011 20:58:08 : # [Global] zT! Ami: glitching is your skill?
21/07/2011 20:58:15 : # [Global] zT! Ami: you mean that?
21/07/2011 20:58:20 : # [Global] Ops! g18: yes
21/07/2011 20:58:29 : # [Global] zT! Ami: you are good because you can do these glitches
21/07/2011 20:58:29 : # [Global] zT! Ami: wow
21/07/2011 20:58:29 : # [Global] Ops! g18: i like to glitch

so now we know he is just a very "skilled glitcher"!

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